Educational Workbook

Systematic Study of Spiritism

These workbooks will facilitate the implemetation of a systematic study based on the Spiritist codification. It is recommended for newcomers.

Mediumship Education

Having completed the basic systematic studies on Spiritism, you may offer instructions on the mechanisms of mediumship according to Spiritism.

Materials by Brazilian Spiritist Federation (FEB)

Mediumship Course

Program 1 (Complete)

Mediumship Course

Program 2 (Complete)

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“A regular course on Spiritism would be given in order to develop the principles of Science and to promote the fondness for serious studies. This course would have the advantage of laying the foundation for the unit of principles, of forming enlightened followers, capable of spreading the spiritist ideas, and developing a great number of mediums. I consider this course of a nature to exercise capital influence on the future of Spiritism and its consequences.”

– Allan Kardec (Posthumous Works – Project, 1868)

Spiritism: Myths and Misconceptions