About USSF

Mission Statement

Founded on November 15, 1997, the United States Spiritist Federation was created to promote the union of the U.S. Spiritist organizations and the unification of the Spiritist Movement in the U.S. We welcome all visitors to our website and invite Spiritist organizations to join the USSF. This way, counting on each other’s help and support, the task of disseminating Spiritism will be shared by all.

The United States Spiritist Federation will devote its best efforts to bring together the Spiritist community in the U.S. in our common objective to disseminate the Spiritist Doctrine in this country. As such, the USSF pledges to:

  • Promote the fraternal union of the U.S. Spiritist institutions, and the unification of the national Spiritist Movement.
  • Promote the study, diffusion, and practice of the Spiritist Doctrine according to its principles and postulates, and in all its fundamental scientific, philosophical, religious, ethical, and moral aspects.
  • Promote the practice of spiritual and material charity in the light of Spiritism.
  • Represent the Spiritist Movement in the United States.

Board of Directors

President: Tania Schwartz (Austin, TX)

Vice-President: Jussara Korngold (New York, NY)

Treasurer: José Antonio Vilella (Austin, TX)

Secretary: Daniela Goto (San Jose, CA)

Marketing Director: Laura Chrysostomo (Milford, CT)

FYCSE Director: Ligia Carvalho (New Jersey, NJ)

Communications Director: Daniel Santos (Baltimore, MD)

Outreach Director: Peter Hays (Fort Lee, NJ)


All Spiritist Organizations located in the United States are welcome to apply for membership with the USSF.

Please email us at info@spiritist.us with the following information.

– A letter of intent of becoming a member

– Copy of your organization’s bylaws

– Copy of your organization’s state incorporation letter

– General Member Information Form filled out

– Copy of 501(c)(3) certificate – when applicable

(See additional incorporation information here)


– Your group contact information will be listed in our website as an affiliated member.

– You will find in our website useful material for presentations, talks, seminars, workshops, posters, courses, brochures, etc.

– In the USSF website there is a member only session. It contains current financial reports and the USSF legal documents.

To access the members area please click HERE

– Members have a special 40% discount on purchases over $100 on all the USSF’s books.


– As part of the USSF outreach program your group will have the opportunity to participate in online trainings, meetings, and whenever possible personal visits by a member of the USSF, or representatives of this organization.

– If your group ever has an emergency, USSF offers help through the SEED program, where your situation can be evaluated and, if approved, you can borrow a certain amount of money depending on availability.

– Your organization is entitled to participate in our Annual General Meeting and be part of the decision making of the Spiritist Movement in the US.

– The USSF has purchased a subscription to offer its members a shared virtual platform (ZOOM) for their spiritist meetings, for up to 100 people. First come, first serve. USSF zoom account is called SPIRITISM ONLINE.


– A total of two of your board members can be included at the USSF Member WhatsApp group. This is an opportunity to share information regarding the US Spiritist movement, and to be up to date with Spiritist current events.

– USSF is affiliated to ISC (CEI) – International Spiritist Council and by extension you are part of the Spiritist movement worldwide. Check the website www.cei-spiritistcouncil.com to learn more about it.

– What is the most important thing to disseminate Spiritism?

“Union exists between all spirits, but in varying degrees according to their ranking, or their degree of perfection. The closer to perfect, the more united they are. Disharmony produces all the problems of human life, while harmony generates perfect happiness.” – TSB #298