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With extraordinary scope, this study will cover dozens of relevant topics presented in 40 lessons, based on the book written by the renowned author Therezinha Oliveira, one of the major authorities in the field. “Initiation into Spiritism” is a course meant to all audiences regardless of their previous knowledge about Spiritism or Spirituality, and sympathizers in general, since it deals with several contemporary topics with clarity and depth.

One quick glance at its program should reveal its thoroughness: God; Spirits; Classification of Spirits and Worlds; Spirits’ Action upon Fluids; Miracle or Phenomenon?; Spiritism and Its Practices; Mediumship; Law of Cause and Effect; Reincarnation; and many others. Both beginners and current practitioners will find in this course “Initiation into Spiritism” the best understanding of Spiritism, thus building a safe path to reach the purest harmony in life.

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1. Radiations or Vibrations
2. God
3. Creation
4. Spirits
5. Classification of Spirits and Worlds
6. Love of God and Neighbor
7. Perispirit
8. Spirits’ Action Upon Fluids
9. The Gospel at Home
10. Miracle or Phenomenon?
11. Law of Cause and Effect
12. Free Will and Progress
13. A Spiritist View of Marriage
14. Christian Confession and Communion
15. Reincarnation
16. Arguing About Reincarnation
17. Parents and Children in The Light of Reincarnation
18. Family in the Light of Reincarnation
19. Blessed are Those Who Mourn
20. Disincarnation
21. Trials and Expiations
22. Inequalities of Wealth
23. A Study about Baptism
24. Sleep and Dreams
25. Without Charity There is no Salvation
26. Prayer
27. The Lord’s Prayer
28. Allan Kardec, The Codifier
29. The Three Revelations
30. Spiritism And Its Practices
31. Mediumship and Its Development
32. Mediumship and Spiritism
33. “You Received Without Paying; Give Without Pay”
34. On Christian Vigilance
35. The Parable of The Sower
36. The Parable of The Lamp Under a Basket
37. The Parable of The Laborers in The Vineyard

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